Are you thinking about buying a new mattress?

That is an investment for the next 10 years! So be sure that you buy the model that suits you best. Choose your next mattress based on these 7 points of interest.

Your sleeping position

On the side, the back, or, the belly – Find the right mattress, but also the right pillow for optimal lying comfort in your favorite position. Tell your expert in which position you sleep; they can give you guidelines for your ideal mattress.

Prone to allergies

Are you allergic easily? Choose an allergy-free mattress, the cover of which has been treated against dust mites and other allergens.

Sensitive to heat

Do you quickly get too hot or do you sweat a lot? Make sure that your mattress drains the moisture well and ventilates well. That is also good against allergies!

A new mattress: for whom and for which space?

One mattress can be twice as expensive as the other. Discover all factors that affect the price of a mattress and choose consciously.

A mattress adapted to your physique

Calculate 15 cm more than your height (i.e., a mattress of 2 m when measuring 1.85 m). And choose a comfort that suits your construction (e.g., 50 kg and 1.60 m = softer, 100 kg and 1.80 m = harder).

1 double mattress or 2 single mattresses

Everyone has a different physique and other needs. If you sleep with a partner, you should choose 2 individual mattresses adapted to each.

Test your mattress: necessary or not?

Don’t choose your mattress on the basis of a quick test in the store, but be guided by mattress stores Gilbert AZrecommendations onpersonal characteristics (posture, allergies, heat sensitivity, etc.). A few minutes lying on a mattress are not the same as sleeping every night.

Trying out

If you buy a new mattress, take a mattress that you can try out at home and exchange if you don’t like. If you get any kind of complaints by sleeping on your new mattress, you can easily return it.

Are you looking for a mattress that gives the best support to people who sleep on their backs? Then compare the mattresses that you have tested.