Recommended mattresses for a Better Sleep

Polyurethane foam mattress: starting at 380 dollars. A two-sided design, this mattress offers a slightly tougher surface of polyurethane foam and a softer foam memory.

Memory Mattress – starting at 650 dollars. A medium-hardened model, this mattress is made from a lower layer of polyurethane foam, a top of memory foam and a hypoallergenic insert between them.

Bonnell spring mattress: starting at 1100 dollars. A Bonnell spring mattress, it also uses two layers of polyurethane foam to make it more comfortable. An orthopedic model, it is tough and is recommended for those who sleep on their back or stomach and need a rigid surface.

Memory and Spring Mattress: starting at 1450 dollars. A hybrid model, this mattress uses a superior padded spring system with all its benefits and a top layer made of memory foam to ensure better comfort.

Silver Mattress: starting at 1750 dollars. An advanced model with a thickness of 23 centimeters, the mattress uses a layer of latex for firmness, a layer of polyurethane foam and one of foam with memory.

Very important for personal health and comfort, the mattress should not be treated with indifference and neglect. Depending on the budget, the user can find solutions based on springs, foam or even air, but choices should be made with care and patience because an improper mattress will torment the user for a long time. As usual, it is recommended to find products that do not have unreasonably high prices, but, in the introduction, you should think twice about the budget you want to allocate for the purchase before you define your own report between price and quality. Trust on the quality of the beds at optima Scottsdale for that.

Mattress care

Even though the warranty period is generous and you use a set of detachable covers, the mattress needs a degree of maintenance that goes further than that. One of the first rules that prolong its lifespan is to use it both on the face and on the back, alternating the surfaces once every 6 months. Along with this method, the mattress needs an in-depth cleaning, which you’ll need to do with a cleaner’s, the use of regular water and detergent is forbidden in the case of mattresses that they can damage. In addition, moisture is the perfect environment for the development of mites.