Here are five easy ways to keep a mattress in time!

To clean your mattress you can follow the below steps. Turn and turn the mattress (head-to-head, back-to-back) about once every 3-4 months. This way you can keep the mattress with a uniform surface, free of dents or deformations, for longer.Do not pack the mattress, do not bend it or skip it. If you cannot transport it unpacked, look for another means of transportation that will allow it. A mattress may suffer a bend of 20 degrees without being affected, but not for a long time.

Keep the mattress clean. Use special mattress protection to prevent it from staining.Protect your mattress from natural elements: Water and fire will destroy the mattress faster than anything. Do not smoke in bed and never put the mattress in the water to clean it. It’s also a good idea not to get drunk. If something happens on the mattress, it is recommended to take it out to air and dry naturally.

Put the mattress on a mattress support – a metal mattress. A mattress without support will spoil much faster and will leave. From themattress store Fort WorthClearfork you can know all of these answers and more.

Instructions for using Mattresses:

  1. On mattresses that are vacuum-packed not use sharp objects when unpacking the mattress out of the pack, it is possible to cut the mattress!
  2. Vacuum packed packs reach their original shape in approx. 2-4 hours after weaning (removing from the pack), but it takes at least 24 hours for it to be used. During this time do not place heavy objects on it; the mattress must stay for 24 hours in horizontal view!
  3. It is advisable to use a mattress frame (mattress) as a support for the mattress, the lower part of which allows the mattress to be vented (there is space between the panels forming the lower part of the frame).
  4. Expert recommends weekly ventilation of the room and exposure of mattress to fresh air. This prevents the development of mold and accumulation of a high concentration of moisture in the mattress
  5. Change the position of the mattress once every 3 months (from head to toe).
  6. Avoid placing the mattress on a non-ventilation stand. This will lead to the build-up of moisture in the lower part and the appearance of mold.