Fine Details for the finest Mattresses You Would Adore

The most important thing when purchasing the mattress is of course the sleeping comfort that your mattress offers.

To choose the best mattress for your body, the mattress must meet:

  • Correctly support the body and assume your body shape
  • You should let the mattress move easily and comfortably.
  • Let the body fluid drain quickly through good ventilation.
  • 10 years of ease of use.

Support body

Some people would rather buy a soft mattress; others opt for a harder mattress. This does not really matter much for sleeping comfort.

However, it is recommended for the slightly heavier person to choose a hard mattress and for those who are very skinny to choose a nice soft mattress.

Most sleeping comfort is obtained if the spine is well supported and provides a straight back while sleeping.

This of course depends on the way you prefer to sleep. The most common lying positions are back, side and belly.

The mattress at the back position

Important in this supine position is that the trunk partially sinks into the mattress and that the legs are slightly higher than the sagged trunk for the highest sleeping comfort.

Also, not unimportant at the back position is the pillow! Make sure that the cushion is not too soft or too hard, but deformable. The pillow must support the back of the head and the neck.

The mattress at a lateral position

In this lying posture, the main thing is that you properly support the spine between the shoulders and the pelvis, so that the spine does not start to sag.

The mattress at prone position

This is in fact a very bad position to sleep in. At the prone position, the spine, lower back and neck are very heavily loaded.

If you still find this posture comfortable, opt for a very sturdy mattress for more sleeping comfort.

A helpful tip to learn this position: place push buttons on the front of your pajamas. As a result, every time you lie on your stomach, you will have an unpleasant feeling, which means that you will lie on your back or on your back.

Mattress ventilation

Every night you sweat about 30 to 60 cm of fluid! This moisture draws in the mattress. That is why the ventilation in the mattress is very important. Both the mattress and the blanket as the bed base must be sufficiently permeable to moisture. If a mattress does not ventilate sufficiently, mold formation can occur.

Ease of use and maintenance

A mattress requires little maintenance which you can get to know from Tucson mattress stores. The only thing that needs to be done regularly is ventilated the mattress thoroughly.

In order not to quickly choose a new mattress, below some tips to significantly increase the life of your mattress!

Turn your mattress regularly.

Air the mattress daily as the bedroom.

Clean mattress. Vacuum your mattress at least once a year so that you don’t suffer from dust mites.

Use an under a blanket. This also ensures that there is less sweat in the mattress.