The basis of the mattress, The Basis of Choice

When you choose the core of the mattress, it is important to take a number of things into account. The more pocket springs you choose in your mattress, the more back pressure the pocket springs give. The mattress is therefore a lot firmer. In general you can say that people who want a somewhat harder mattress or what heavier people choose faster for 500 pocket springs per m2 because this number of springs forms a firmer basis than 300 pocket springs per m2. Do you prefer to be a little fatter or do you weigh less than 70 kilos? Then it is recommended the 300 pocket springs per m2, because the pocket springs sink deeper and the pocket springs so less to endure.

When you buy a mattress, it is important not to buy the mattress too hard and not too soft. In short, you are looking for a mattress that gives good counter pressure but also feels very comfortable. That is why it is very important to match the core to the covering layer.

The cover layer of the mattress:

Are you going to put together your own mattress?

Our covering layer is always double-sided, which means that you can always turn your mattress and the mattress thus double-sided to sleep, so your mattress has a longer life and is much less susceptible to pit formation.

Cold foam cover layer: 

A cold foam mattress naturally has an open cell structure which makes the material ventilate and absorb moisture well. Because of this open cell structure, a cold foam mattress does not feel warm. Mattresses made of cold foam are long lasting and have a high corrective capacity. The corrective power ensures that the mattress adapts well to the body so that the body receives sufficient support where necessary.

Memory foam cover layer:

Memory foam mattresses from Mattress Store Lone Tree distribute and support the body weight in a good way, offer comfort and the circulation is not pinched. A mattress made of memory foam provides a significant advance for people who suffer from back, muscle complaints and bedsores. Body parts that have to sink deeper into the memory foam mattress for a healthy and correct sleeping position have all the space for that, because it is precisely at these points that memory foam becomes extra elastic under the influence of your body heat (friction). Memory foam mattresses ensure that the blood circulation is not disturbed, muscles remain flexible and the skin and muscles remain fully blooded.

Latex cover:

A latex mattress is an excellent choice if you like a smooth mattress. Because of the shaping and adjusting power but also the firm comfort you have the advantages of cold foam and memory foam mattresses! A latex mattress optimally insulates your body heat. Latex is also known for its pressure-reducing properties and sleeps extremely comfortable for people with joint complaints. A latex mattress is anti-allergic and feels wonderfully soft.

Why assemble your own mattress?

There is no one who can better take into account your sleep needs than yourself!

You choose a mattress that suits you best!